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Morehead City
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Triple Chocolate - LF
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Brrrberry - this is our story

Our StoryOur Story

Sandy has always said she “lives for date night”. After a crazy week doing all the usual mom stuff, there is nothing that Chris and she look forward to more. Date nights always involve dinner and normally end with dessert. So obviously, the new venture had to relate to food! After a date night in November 2010, a plan was hatched and six months later, the first Brrrberry opened its doors! With the help of Sandy’s husband, Chris, and her brother, Jeffrey, they have taken a passion for food and fun and created a destination that appeals to everyone.
Frozen Yogurt is nothing new, it has been around for years. However, the latest craze in this industry is the “self serve” restaurant. You are in control of your creation from start to finish...begin with your choice of frozen yogurt flavors and end with a variety of toppings and sauces. Brrrberry decided early on that they would not cut a single corner. After tons of research, they came up with the perfect plan. Customers often ask why their frozen yogurt looks and tastes so much better. The honest answer’s Brrrberry’s premium yogurt mix and brand new Taylor machines. Come taste for yourself what makes Brrrberry so unique, we promise you will fall in love!

Meet Sandy & ChrisMeet Sandy & Chris

Sandy & Chris

Brrrberry is just the latest “brain” child of Sandy and Chris! They have been married for 21 years and are raising their family in Wilmington, NC. Sandy is the self-proclaimed super mom to Gracie, Maggie and Colby, while Chris is a full time mortgage banker and a part time Brrrberry consultant. Sandy stays involved in her church and children’s schools and says that a typical day pulls her all over the place at a speed of 90 mph! Chris is a sports enthusiast who loves to run, golf, play tennis and basketball and root for the UNC Wilmington Seahawks- he’s a graduate of their Cameron School of Business! Sandy pretends to be an athlete doing local runs and triathlons, but looks at these activities more as a way to stay connected with her friends. Her favorite frozen yogurt creation is vanilla with brownies, cashews and lots of caramel, complemented well by Chris’ creation of cake batter on a brownie bottom with crushed peanuts and hot caramel.

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